Are LEDs Ruining Your Projects?

Love them or hate them, LEDs are here to stay. The question is: Are they ruining your projects? If you are using a mixture of different brands of LEDs and trying to correct in the grade, I’m guessing you’re pretty frustrated right now.

In cinematographer Ryan Walter’s new video, he tests 7 popular LED lights in a typical interview lighting setup and demonstrates the problems you may be facing and 3 tips to help solve your LED lighting woes.

Curious how your favorite LEDs rated? Check out Ryan’s LED Color Rendering Database – 40+ lights and growing!

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Can You Trust Your Color Meter?

If you’re reading this post, you probably already know that Color Meters are a tool that help both in matching the color temperature of different light sources and in shaping the mood of your project by making subtle color changes.

What you might not realize is that older color meters no longer work with today’s LED lights. International award-winning cinematographer, Ryan Walters covers why and what to do about it in this short video for Indie Cinema Academy.

Can You Trust Your Color Meter Video

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Rick Friedman’s Location Lighting Seminar at the B&H Event Space Thursday, May 7 – Registration available!

Accurate and interesting lighting can sometimes be difficult to do when you only have a few moments and a busy subject. This is the world of Rick Friedman, internationally published photojournalist. Rick will show you the tools and techniques he uses to create amazing images of some of today’s most recognized people. Be sure to secure your spot at B&H’s Event Space for Thursday, May 7 from 1-3PM.

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