Adding Fill Flash for Beautiful Ambient Light Portraits – Free Webinar 4/17 at 1pm EDT

While natural light can be wonderful for portraits, adding some off-camera flash can fill in shadows, shape the face and add a beautiful catch-light to the subject’s eyes. This simple addition can change a portrait from “Ok” to “Wow”!

Despite its many advantages, many photographers from novice to professional fear adding flash to their environmental portraits because they think it will look un-natural and consistently finding the right mix remains a mystery.

Join instructor Joe Brady as he takes away the mystery of blending flash with ambient light. Once you learn to take control of your flash it will become one of your favorite outdoor portrait tools. The combination of off-camera flash and a light meter to measure flash contributions will give you complete control to craft the portraits with added shape and dimension that your clients will love.

Equipment List
Sekonic L-478DR
PocketWizard Plus III
PocketWizard Caddy
PocketWizard HSFM3 standard hot shoe
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
Sony a99
Sony Lens 70-200mm
Sony External Flash / Video Light HVL-F60M
4 way reflector

Adding Fill Flash for Beautiful Ambient Light Portraits

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Canon In Action Tour

Are you ready for Canon’s official educational roadshow? The highly anticipated Canon In Action Tour is a brand-new educational roadshow designed to unleash your creativity. You’ll gain the essential skills, knowledge, and confidence to create images like the pros.

Designed for intermediate and advanced amateurs, the Canon In Action Seminars and Workshops provide the tools you need to take your photography and videography capabilities to the next level.

On Saturday, participate in the Imaging Essential Seminar from 10am-6pm. Learn from industry experts while experiencing photography education in a dynamic atmosphere. Learn more about your instructors here.

Extend your knowledge by participating in one of the Sunday workshops as well. You’ll be given the option to choose between the Exploring DSLR Video Hands-On Workshop and the Speedlite Intensive Hands-On Workshop.  These workshops provide the ultimate opportunity to practice your new skills, work with live models, and try out professional Canon equipment.

Click here for more information regarding dates, cities, and registration.


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DIT On-Set Dailies Workshop with Von Thomas 3/22 in New York

Digital Tech NYCOn March 22 AbelCine in New York will be hosting a workshop on DIT On-Set Dailies with digital imaging technician Von Thomas from 10am to 5pm EDT.

This full day workshop will give you a thorough understanding of the on-set dailies process and how you might use it on your next job.

Part 1 – Morning session

  • A firm understanding of the DIT role for dailies deliver
  • The new age of set to post relationship
  • Preparing hardware and software for an effective on-set cart
  • How to properly back up footage for TV & film production
  • Software options for checks and verification to calibrate/profile on-set
  • Using scopes valuate exposure and color
  • Live grading on set and creating LUTs/CDLs for Resolve and Scratch
  • Using a color control surface

Part 2 – Afternoon session

  • Use of the gray card for one light and camera matching
  • Advantages in using a color temp meter; calibrating / profiling your cart monitor
  • Primary color correction Scratch 8, Resolve 10, and REDCine X Pro
  • Audio syncing
  • Creating high quality files for online dailies viewing
  • Using a cloud service for dailies upload

For additional information and registration, please visit AbelCine’s website.

About Von Thomas:
In addition to being an educator, Von Thomas is a DIT and Dailies colorist, photographer, cinematographer, and digital capture expert. Early in his career, he was an advertising fashion and beauty photographer. In 2001, he opened a digital capture boutique in New York (Digital Tech NYC), later venturing over to digital cinema and becoming an instructor for REDucation. Today, he leads his own DIT On-Set Dailies workshops across the US and as far away as Ireland.


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