Jean Sinotte and the L-358

sendusyourstoryIn our ongoing series of Sekonic’s “Send Us Your Story,” here’s Jean Sinotte’s entry.

Jean Sinotte is a fashion and portrait photographer at Studio Fotomode in Quebec.

Hello, from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

l take a few moments to write you about your products. l’m a semi-pro photographer for 30 years now. l shoot a lot in my studio and on location. For a long time I had a Minolta Autometer IV. Eight months ago l changed it for your meter, the Sekonic L-358 with the radio module for Pocket Wizard. Wow, what a fantastic product. It’s so accurate and easy to use. On location, it gives me the percentage of light coming from my flashes compare with the ambient light. It’s fast to pass from lightmeter to flashmeter. l never had a great meter like this before.

Since l bought it, three of my friends bought one too. l give photography lessons and now, l recommand only the L-358. Finally, l send you some pictures that everybody here are crazy about and they were done with the data the L-358 gave me.

Thanks to take the time to read me and bravo for your great products.

Jean Sinotte

Studio Fotomode



©Jean Sinotte


©Jean Sinotte


©Jean Sinotte


©Jean Sinotte


©Jean Sinotte

Thanks so very much, Jean!

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