Sekonic ProSpeak: Ellis Vener

Professional shooter Ellis Vener, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a corporate industrial photographer who primarily shoots people, architecture, and industry. “My job is to stop the viewer on the page, make them look at the picture longer, and get them read the text,” he says. “Words and pictures have to work together, but if you don’t have a good picture, people aren’t going to be interested in all those words on the page.”

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Vener takes a Socratic approach to his photography when in corporate or industrial sites. He asks employees what they do and how they do it. By getting individuals to showcase their jobs, he’s come up with a career of impressive images.

Watch it in higher quality here.

Vener believes all photographs work on three levels. In order, they are:

  1. Emotional appeal.
  2. Aesthetics.
  3. Intellectual appeal, that is, the content of the photo.

With over twenty years of successful corporate work, Vener knows what works and doesn’t; what needs to be shown, and what doesn’t. This video is an insightful look at Vener’s approach to professional photography, and how his use of the Sekonic L-758DR meter help him deliver consistent results to his clients day after day, year after year. “Good metering technique helps me construct the picture the way I want to build it,” he says.

Watch the video for some helpful tips by a longtime pro. Thanks, Ellis!

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