Chandler Through a Scanner Darkly

Anthony N. Chandler of Toronto created a blog post entitled “Through a Scanner Darkly” last week. A medium format film enthusiast, Chandler is zeroing in on perfecting his own scanning methodology. Be sure to check out the post to read about his process from camera set-up to final digital results in post. Part of his workflow involves a Sekonic meter. The following paragraph is a quote from his post.

Using the Sekonic 758DR light meter really helps with this type of photography because I can use the spot meter to accurately set my camera to expose for the lights only. Normally, when using a modern digital slr we shoot to expose for the whole scene and end up with some noisy shots that blur. By using spot metering I was able to capture the real feel for what I was seeing while enveloping the edges of each print in pure blackness.

His moody night shots devoid of people are like a dream sequence in a suspenseful film. Be sure to see more of his photography at his site.

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