VIDEO: AbelCineTech features Sekonic L-308DC

AbelCineTech features Sekonic L-308DC and Panasonic AF-100 in the below video on Vimeo. See Jem Schofield and Andy Shipsides of AbleCineTech talk about new products and why a meter is needed for good lighting.

With DSLR videographers understanding the fact controlling light makes for better videos, the L-308DC is getting more and more attention.

Control is achieved by measuring light. Measuring the light is simple. The L-308DC is easy to use. A Sekonic L-308DC will make your videos better and more professional looking. There is nothing else like the L-308DC on the market with these features for this price.

Be sure to check out the AbleCineTech Vimeo channel for more great videos of this type.

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4 Responses to VIDEO: AbelCineTech features Sekonic L-308DC

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  2. Terry Thomas Photos / Atlanta says:

    Oh how professional. A guy in a black shirt in front of a black camera holding a black meter with a black background. Right … very professional.

  3. Jeremy Cimafonte says:

    Excellent video, thanks guys. Really loved how you described the waveform monitor and how you can use all these tools in conjunction with one and other! It’s important for people to understand the benefits of a meter! I might pick one of these up in the future, very cost effective.

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