Brian Adams Carries on with a Sekonic L-308s

New York photographer Brian Adams specializes in environmental portraiture. A recent post to his blog details his use of the new Sekonic L-308s. Adams is a great medium format film shooter. His portrait work has been seen in The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, The Guardian, and other publications.

©Brian Adams

Regarding one of the images in the post, Adams writes, “I was proud of this image when the film came back, knowing I used three flashes and no digital camera to back me up. It just goes to show you how important a handheld light meter is when shooting film; the light meter is never wrong.”

Brian Adams at work holding his L-308s. ©Ash Adams

Great job, Brian! You can check out more Brian Adams photography at his site.

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4 Responses to Brian Adams Carries on with a Sekonic L-308s

  1. Hi, I’m beginning portrait photography and I want to buy a sekonic lightmeter.
    However I wonder whether L308S is enough or should I buy L-358? Is there any major advantage of the L-358 compared to the L-308? The reason why I ask this is because I saw in the L-358 video that it is recommended by the person in the video.

    Thank you very much.

    • Matt Hill says:

      Both the L-308S and L-358 are great choices for light meters which is why we make them both. The L-308s have may features including incident and reflected reading and ambient, cordless and cord flash reading. It comes with a very good price and fits in a shirt pocket easily. The L-358 has several very important features that separate it and should be considered when making the choice. Chief among these are its capability of separating the flash component from a daylight, fill-flash measurement to enable you to control how much flash is illuminating your subject and the capability of adding a PocketWizard transmitter to the meter. If you intend to shoot a lot with flash and especially use larger studio type flashes with multiple heads, the L-358 should certainly be the top of your considerations. I am sure this is why the person in the video recommended it. The L-358 is our best selling meter and the best selling meter in the world. It also has several other features like memory function, dual ISO, and lighted LCD that make it very useful indeed.

    • Randy, Toronto, Canada says:

      I highly recommend you buy the L-358, the L-308 cannot read Flash. You can add poket wizard module (extra $$) to hook up with your big flash and if you want it function as a spot meter you can buy an adaptor. and it’s under US$300.00.
      All the best dude.

      • Hi Randy,
        Thanks for the reply, finally I decided to buy the L-358 because many people recommend that from the L-308. I’m planning to buy a pocket wizard and the module.
        Cheers :)

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