Sekonic Releases Limited Edition Meters

On June 16, 2011, Sekonic celebrated its 60th year in the light meter business. We have always released a limited edition light meter to commemorate anniversaries and special occasions. A limited version of the famous L-398 Studio Deluxe in Gold was created to celebrate the first 1 million produced. It immediately became a collector’s item, and today it’s still a unique piece in any meter collection. Times have changed, and the new generations of photographers are more fashion-oriented, hip and edgy. To complement this new generation of expressive and passionate free-spirited shooters, Sekonic has created “COOL SHADES.” This special limited edition series offers all the same functions and features of their popular black L-308S Flashmate with a flair for color.

Choosing which colors was no easy task, so we asked you what you like via an online survey. The results were bright, refreshing and very different. To help mark our 60th year in the light meter business and have some colorful fun with our most popular model light meter, we’re introducing a small production of 60th Anniversary L-308S limited color editions in three exciting metallic colors: Red, Light Green and Pale Blue.


In a recent interview Kei Miyairi, Associate Director & General Manager of Sekonic Corporation stated, “With the introduction of these new bright colors, photographers can choose the color that best matches their style and personality while expressing their individuality. In addition, these 60th Anniversary meters will no doubt be part of many meter aficionados’ collections.”

Scheduled release: July, 2011. Happy Birthday Sekonic!

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3 Responses to Sekonic Releases Limited Edition Meters

  1. Rodger says:

    Fantastic, would love one

  2. eldepe says:

    Hello Sekonic-guys,
    Promotion for a product en sell it, is one thing!
    To take care if the product is working as been told in the folder, is another thing.
    How is it possible that a priced item like the L-758DR is not working for the transfer of the camera profiles  into the lightmeter on a recent Mac (version 10.6.x) is totaly inadmissible!
    Sekonic taking care for the professional photographer?!

    • Sekonic says:

      The Snow Leopard -Lion DTS software and driver went live on on Sept 1. Development has taken much longer than expected and we sincerly apologize for this.

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