Mike Tittel Measuring in the Desert

Photographer Mike Tittel has blogged about a shoot in the Bonneville Salt Flats State Park featuring the Brazilian art form capoeira. The salt flats on the desert between Nevada and Utah have some gorgeous light, as seen in the video below.

Capoeira performers combine skills drawing from martial arts, dance and music. If you haven’t seen this in person, it’s definitely a beautiful art form to watch. To capture the beauty, Tittel placed them against the uncluttered background of the salt flats. As the light changed, the photos got even more beautiful.

“We currently use the Sekonic L-358 on most of our shoots,” says Tittel. “It’s super reliable and we love the optional wireless radio trigger, as it allows us to work quickly and efficiently when the light is fading fast.”

Beautiful job, as always, Mike. Here’s hoping we see more of your work soon!

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