Jim Zuckerman on Common Metering Mistakes

Photographer and photo-educator Jim Zuckerman wrote a great article on the Sekonic site which outlines seven common metering mistakes. This is an insightful resource and shouldn’t be missed.

©Jim Zuckerman

The examples he outlines are as follows:

  • Overexposing the Moon
  • A Bright Sky with a Darker Landscape
  • Bright Windows
  • Shooting in Fog
  • Shooting in Snow
  • Flash Reflected by a Shiny Surface
  • Extreme Contrast

Zuckerman gives photo examples of how to deal with these common exposure problems, along with images to illustrate exactly what the problems are. He also throws in a bonus tip regarding JPEGs.

Don’t forget to see more of Zuckerman’s impressive images on his site, his blog, and his YouTube content.

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