Portrait Lighting Workshop with Bobbi Lane

Photographer Bobbi Lane will be hosting a Portrait Lighting Intensive Workshop on Saturday, October 1st and Sunday October 2nd from 9am to 6pm at E.P. Levine, 219 Bear Hill Road, Waltham, Massachusetts.

Sekonic users and readers may remember Lane from her popular video which appeared on our site last year.

From the Lane’s seminar flyer:

This dynamic hands-on workshop is designed to give the emerging photographer a strong foundation in all the elements of lighting, from esthetics to hardware. Understanding and controlling studio lighting and applying it to portraits is one of the greatest challenges facing a photographer. Lighting has many aspects that need to be addressed individually and then combined to create a meaningful portrait. The use of strobe lights, how they work and the step by step set-up is the first layer in the foundation. The participants will have hands-on experience every day working with the strobe lights, umbrellas, boxes and grids. Metering techniques, stands, C-stands, booms, use of flags, diffusers, and reflectors are covered in great detail.

The Big Three elements of lighting are direction, quality and depth. We explore the intricacies of lighting patterns and how they define the face, how to appropriately choose the quality through the use of light modifiers and combine both of these with lighting ratios to set the mood. The most important element in portraiture is the photographer’s interpretation of the subject so developing a strong concept is imperative. All the aspects from lighting, posing, tonalities, mood, expression, camera angles to backgrounds must harmonize to create an effective photograph.

Each day will start with lectures and demonstrations, followed by afternoon shooting sessions with models. The is a tremendous opportunity to both learn essential lighting techniques and practice in a fully equipped and comfortable studio. And we have fun!

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