Ramon Guzman’s Sekonic L-98

Sekonic users love to hold onto and use their gear for decades. They also like to let us know about their gear. Ramon Guzman has written us about his vintage gear. Here is the story in his words.

“I bought the light meter and a Nikon F camera in 1965, while I was stationed with the Air Force on the Island of Okinawa. I’m glad to let you know both the camera and your light meter still work. The L-98 meter I had not used for at least 20 years, but I decided to give it a try. I put in a new battery, and to my surprise, it still works. It sounds like a commercial, but it’s a fact. I wish to congratulate Sekonic for making such a high quality and reliable product.”

Ramon Guzman's 1965 Nikon F and Sekonic L-98. ©Ramon Guzman

He also wrote, “I’m considering purchasing a new Nikon D90 or D7000, and you can [be] rest assured if I do, I’ll be extremely happy to purchase another Sekonic light meter again.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Ramon. We bet you’ll like the advancements we’ve made in the last 46 years!

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One Response to Ramon Guzman’s Sekonic L-98

  1. Ray says:

    i have the same meter – i purchased while in vietnam in 1966 and it still works! unfortunately my asahi pentax camera was destroyed by the airlines on the home trip; so i then purchaed a spotmatic with the built in light meter and i didn’t use the sekonic much after that – now and then i pick up, turn on and reminise about the old days

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