VIDEO: Ryan Walters’ DTS and L-758Cine Tutorial

Beaverton, Oregon cinematographer Ryan Walters created a DTS Tutorial video that’s completely worth getting excited about. If you want to get the most out of your Sekonic L-758Cine you need to know the characteristics of your camera. You can do this with the new Sekonic Data Transfer Software. This video is an incredible source of info, walking you through the steps until you can take full advantage of all the functions we’ve built into both the meter and the software.

Walters shows viewers how to create a custom camera profile for use with a Sekonic L-758Cine light meter. He starts off with shooting the chart, and moves through to the final steps of processing with the Sekonic Data Transfer Software.

In case you need a great place to start before you delve into the details of the DTS, you might want to check out another amazing informational resource by Walters. His Lighting 101 video on Vimeo is worth checking out, even if you think you know everything there is to regarding metering for motion.

Don’t forget to take advantage of checking out the amazing set of Sekonic Profiles Walters has created and made available for a free download. Thanks, Ryan!

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