RT-32CTL Radio Transmitter Module for L-358 and L-758 series

Sekonic has issued a press release for the announcement of the RT-32CTL Radio Transmitter Module for L-358 and L-758 series. The About Radio Triggering page has also been updated to reflect subsequent changes. Here are the details about the release of this module.


RT32CTLThe new Transmitter module provides compatibility with the PocketWizard® ControlTL® channels in addition to the original Standard channels. The RT-32CTL is offered as an optional plug-in accessory for the Sekonic L-358 FlashMaster, L-758D and L-758Cine, and built-in to the L-758DR DigitalMaster light meter. The RT-32CTL Radio Transmitter enables photographers for the first time, to trigger and measure flash output with the PocketWizard® FlexTT5 (Canon or Nikon) ControlTL® system in manual Power Control mode, as well as the PocketWizard® ST-4 and MC2 ControlTL® receivers. In addition, the new RT-32CTL fully supports the PocketWizard®   Plus series and MultiMAX receivers.

Offered in both FCC (USA) and CE (Europe) frequencies, the new RT-32CTL Radio Transmitter module used in Sekonic wireless ready meters will support all ControlTL® channels and ControlTL Zones (A, B, C), triggering the zones simultaneously or independently. Wireless photographers worldwide can use their PocketWizard® ControlTL® radios in manual Power Control mode to measure flash output for accurate lighting setups and exposure control. Using the PocketWizard MiniTT1, FlexTT5 and AC3 (ZoneController) along with a Sekonic RT-32CTL Transmitter-equipped light meter, photographers can precisely setup dimensional lighting scenarios quickly and easily in the studio or on-location.

The perfect companion to the ControlTL® system, the RT-32CTL Radio Transmitter module offers on-location metering with Speedlites and studio shoots with professional studio strobes.  In addition, the RT-32CTL triggers both ControlTL® and Standard channels, offering photographers the ability to measure either triggering system (Standard or ControlTL®) individually or simultaneously for added flexibility. Photographers using the new Sekonic RT-32CTL in their meters can mix different PocketWizard® radio models and flash systems while triggering and measuring their lighting with total control in the palm.

Responding to the demands of Pros who love using the legendary L-358 FlashMaster, Sekonic developed a channel selector sheet (included with the optional RT-32CTL) which automatically assigns the ControlTL® channels based on the Standard channel selected. New and current L-358 users will have the option to upgrade to the new RT-32CTL module.

For Sekonic’s top of the line DigitalMaster series, a new firmware upgrade in addition to the RT-32CTL Radio Transmitter module provides additional control and display feedback. All ControlTL® and Standard channels, including ControlTL® Zone (A,B,C) and Quad-Triggering Zones (A,B,C,D) are displayed and selectable via the keypad and jog wheel.  Current users have the option of sending their meters in to their local distributor for firmware update when they purchase the RT-32CTL or they can do the firmware update themselves, via the mini-USB port on the meter and an internet connection to www.sekonic.com.  For those customers purchasing the L-758DR for the first time, the firmware and RT-32CTL is already pre-loaded and ready to go.

As you would expect, the new RT-32CTL will also trigger remote cameras in both ControlTL® and Standard channels. It is compatible with the full range of PocketWizard® radios and offers today’s shooters more control and compatible with their gear than ever before.

In a recent interview Meishi Tsuya, General Manager of Sekonic Corporation stated With these exciting product enhancements, Sekonic professional series light meters increase their value to the working professional photographer. In addition, they address the demands of wireless shooters using the latest PocketWizard® technology with Sekonic wireless meters.”

Key Features: (L-358, L-758 Series)

  • Trigger PocketWizard® ControlTL® and Standard Channels simultaneously
  • Supports ControlTL® Tri-Zones (A,B,C)
  • Support Standard Quad-Zones (A, B, C, D)
  • Compatible with PocketWizard® Plus/II/III, MultiMAX, FlexTT5, ST4 and MC2

DigitalMaster L-758 Series only:

  • ControlTL® and Standard Channels displayed
  • Tri and Quad Zones displayed
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11 Responses to RT-32CTL Radio Transmitter Module for L-358 and L-758 series

  1. Mark Coons says:

    I got my RT-32CTL last week and just love it. So much easier to measure my Alien Bees and Speedlites now. I’ve not been able to trigger a remote camera though and not sure why.Would like to know more about how this is supposed to work.

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  3. Tod Colbert says:

    I have recently purchased an L-758DR that is not able to trigger the controlTL channels (which was disappointing). I see that they have come out with a new radio to solve that problem. My question is whether I have to buy this or is it a firmware upgrade only (wishful thinking) since the radio is built into the meter?

    • Binu says:

      I bought RT-32CTL yesterday and I had no luck to get trigger my Flex TT5s. May I request for your help to troubleshoot this?

  4. Tod Colbert says:

    I had the same problem at first until I realized that I needed to have the AC3 attached to the MiniTT1 active. Then the Flex TT5 fired perfectly.

  5. Raj Narla says:

    I have a Sekonic L-758 DR and I would like to know what would be the cost of this new module? Shelling a huge amount of money on this would be meaningless

  6. I have recently purchased from AMAZON The Sekonic RT-32CTL Radio
    Transmitter and install it in my Sekonic L-358,

    I’ve not been able to trigger any of may pocketwizard plus iii or PocketWizard FlexTT5 Transceiver (CE Version) for Canon

    I have buy this becous as i know it will work for both CE&US

    My question it Is there a fault in the hardware or equipment or settings?

    please advice me

    thank you

    • Matt Hill says:

      Set all radios at Channel 1. And the L-358 at Channel 1. This is the common channel for both Standard and ControlTL radios using CE transmission.
      ControlTL only has 3 channels for CE. Please consult the materials that came with your RT-32CTL. If this does not work, please contact Phil Bradon at AskPhil@sekonic.com.

  7. Max Kloosterman says:

    Hi there,

    I am having some issues getting a specific setup to work.

    I have a Sekonic L608 Super zoom master with – I think serial number JB12 – 000484
    I have a RT 32CTL transmitter with I think serial number JQ7D 100144
    And I have two pocketwizard Plus III’s with the latest firmware update (1.200)

    Whatever I do, I cannot get them to work together.

    The Sekonic can – when attached via a sync cable to the pocketwizard set it off – but the wireless part I simply cannot get it to work.

    I have tried all channels, I have tried using the channel selector sheet that is intended for the L358 but no results.

    If you are able to help, please do!

    Kind regards,


  8. G. Ambrose says:

    amazing insight. Really enjoyed reading this blog.
    Keep up the good work and to everyone keep on learning!

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