VIDEO: The C47’s Jem Schofield on the L-308DC

C47The irrepressible Jem Schofield of fame was at NAB, and loitering around the MAC Group area. While spending time with Phil Bradon at the Sekonic booth, Jem shot this video in which he details some of his experience with the Sekonic L-308DC meter.

Jem states, “this is the meter I use all of the time.” Citing the fact it works with both shutter speeds and shutter angles, he explains how essential it is to good DSLR filmmaking. When the guy who teaches metering at NAB discusses the mission-critical exposure control you can get with a dedicated meter, it’s a great idea to take his advice.

Be sure to see all the comments from The C47’s Jem Schofield on the L-308DC. Thanks for the shout out, Jem!

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