Christopher Grey on Exposure Control and Depth of Light

Exposure Control and Depth of LightIn the first of an ongoing series, Christopher Grey has written a piece on the Sekonic site entitled “Exposure Control and Depth of Light.” Author of seven books on lighting, Grey is an educator who understands the power of controlled light sources.

“In truth, a little more planning on the front end can mean no work at all on the back end,” Grey writes in this article, and even repeats that message at the piece’s end. In between, Grey illustrates how to meter and light a difficult portrait session so no postproduction is necessary. No tweaking in Lightroom or Aperture, no massive application of Curves in Photoshop, and no time wasted. To help prove this, he shot the accompanying photos in high resolution JPEG format, not RAW. Final results are the actual images shot. How’s that for efficient use of your time?

Be sure to read the entire piece for full details, and watch the Sekonic site for future articles. You can see more of Christopher Grey’s work and books at his site.

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