Travis Lawton Reviews the Sekonic L-358

Photographer Travis Lawton published a substantial, in-depth review of the Sekonic L-358 light meter on The Phoblographer site.

Some photographers these days have left their light meter by the wayside as cameras’ internal meters have become more sophisticated. Some photographers never shot with film, and missed the art, science, and importance of using a light meter.

Originally a skeptic, by the end of Travis Lawton’s review of the L-358 FlashMaster, he finds himself considering purchasing a light meter for himself as he reluctantly sends his review unit back. The review does a well-documented job of going through the meter’s basic features. It highlights its seamless compatibility with PocketWizards via the optional PocketWizard module. “This is by far the best option if you already use PocketWizards as it will trigger the flashes remotely the instant you hit the measure button. Press the button, pop, you have your reading,” Lawton writes.

Lawton concludes while a light meter is absolutely essential for film, it is also a boon to the digital photographer who may have gotten used to taking test shots and reviewing them in the back of the camera. Using a light meter is not only more accurate, but it “makes your life easier on set,” allowing you to start your shoot with a perfectly-lit shot every time. He writes, “no more ‘test’ shots other than moving the lighting to shape it how you want.”

“With all the talk about needing or not needing a light meter, the Sekonic L-358 Flash Light Meter is a fantastic option, preferably if coupled with the 401-621 Transmitter Module when using PocketWizards. It gives very accurate readings and delivers a rather robust feature set while staying at a price point that won’t break the bank.”

Sekonic gives you accuracy so you can spend more time shooting and less time in post.

See the full review on The Phoblographer and check out some of their other reviews!

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  1. Brion Flynn says:

    Pretty funny cause you don’t just push the button to fire the flash nor is it compatible with pocket wizard exect in standard mode which you have to change in the firmware. You are misrepresenting the RT-32N.

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