Webinar: Get It Right In-Camera—Shoot more and edit less!

Part 2 – Measuring and Evaluating Light in Landscape Photography

For landscape photographers, achieving the best image at capture means better tonality, less editing and the best possible print. Join host Joe Brady for this free webinar showing how using a handheld light meter in the field will ensure you get the best image file possible. Protecting the highlights, compensating for filters, and metering for panoramic images are topics to be discussed in detail. Join in the chat room during the broadcast and take advantage of the ability to ask questions live.

Learn how analyzing the scene and evaluating the light can improve your landscape photography. Get it right in-camera and spend your editing time enhancing your images, not repairing them!

Originally broadcast live on July 11, 2012, the archived version of this Webinar can be found here.

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  1. geoff birrell says:

    Trees with farms, this is a very much real landscape picture shoot, I need some more images from your webpage, you may keep it up for the visitors like me.

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