Luminous Landscapes on Spotmetering

This review of the Sekonic L-608 from Luminous Landscapes is a bit vintage, but it makes some interesting and valid points about spotmetering. The article chronicles why you should be practicing this art and science today.

According to landscape photographer Michael Reichmann, most cameras’ built-in spot meters have a range of about 15 degrees. Hand-held meters, on the other hand, can meter just 1 degree. This enables shooting with a precision even Ansel Adams would approve of in any complex environment you can imagine.

Reichmann writes:

“Without a spotmeter… at least half of the landscape work that I regularly do, would be difficult to expose accurately. Sure, I could have done a 3 frame bracket and gotten lucky with one of the exposures, but getting it right the first time is both gratifying and less expensive than firing a shotgun blast of exposures and hoping one of them will be right.”

If Reichmann’s got your attention, take a look at the Sekonic L-758. It offers 1 degree spotmetering and much more.

Read the full article and check out many more reviews, articles, and images over at Luminous Landscapes.

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