Photo Assistants: Know Your Meter

Tim Olsen is a photo assistant with over 15 years of experience and the opening salvo of his article, To Meter or Not to Meter, might as well be our mission statement:

“I’m a rather easy-going guy–easy to get along with, open-minded, always teachable, and willing to try new things. But one thing that drives me absolutely nuts is when I meet an assistant who doesn’t know or understand how to read and meter light. Just how do you actually know what the light will look like in your image? And, if you tell me we will see it on-screen, no big deal I’m going to send you home and never hire you again!”

Tim goes on to detail, using examples from his personal experience, why a light meter is an essential tool for any photo assistant. He recommends the Sekonic L-358 for still photography and even cites Sekonic as an excellent resource for learning how to operate a light meter.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Be sure to read the full post.

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