Creating Window Light with Strobes – Christopher Grey

Sekonic windowlightIn this how-to, Christopher Grey reveals how to create soft, natural-looking light in the studio for headshots and portraits. This popular style mimics the look of sunlight coming into a room. It often includes background props to make space look less like a studio.

©Christopher Grey

The key to this look is a large white bed sheet. Aiming a softbox through the sheet will create a very spread out, soft light; effectively, a giant softbox. Chris then fine tunes the look using bookends and another softbox to light the background. He uses his meter to ensure the balance between these light sources is believable. It’s no use creating the illusion of sunlight if no one’s buying it. “Light is versatile,controlled lighting even more so,” he writes. “The trick is bending it to your will.”

Read the full article for more detail and lighting diagrams for another window-light setup.


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