Why Erik Valind Uses a Light Meter

Commercial and lifestyle photographer Erik Valind recently answered a question he gets asked all too frequently, “I don’t own a light meter… Do I need one?”

Instead of telling you what you need or don’t need, Erik tells us why he chooses to use one, even with digital:

  • Repeatability – Have a lighting ratio you like? With meter readings you can precisely dial it in, time and time again. (Saves Time)
  • You take less test/chimping shots, that you’ll have to delete or edit through after the shoot. (Saves Time)
  • High Key or Low Key Lighting – Easier to expose for a perfect white or black point when using a light meter. (And you guessed it… SAVES TIME)
  • Also it just looks more professional. (Seriously… appearances mean a lot to clients when they’re shelling out the $$$)

Erik meters with a Sekonic L-358, which he loves for its ability to trigger strobes using the optional PocketWizard module. It’s an informative read to learn why Erik Valind uses a light meter.

Read the full article and check out Erik’s photography at erikvalind.com.

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