When Your Camera Meter is Wrong

SLR Lounge recently posted a story by Joe Gunawan. What do you do when your camera meter is wrong, what do you do about it? That’s exactly what the author addresses in this detailed article.

Gunawan tests the accuracy of a Canon EOS 5D Mark III versus a Sekonic L-358 light meter. He provides educational data on the difference between reflected metering and incident metering, a breakdown of his methodology, and final results. He also covers the subjects of chimping and histograms.

In part, Gunawan concludes the following regarding his testing:

Today’s DSLRs are sophisticated machines. But they are not perfect. Because your camera still uses reflected metering, it’s important to know when it can be fooled. This is especially true in a scene with a lot of white or black color.

Don’t miss the full article for complete details, lighting diagrams, charts, and histograms. You can see more of Joe Gunawan’s photography at his site.


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