Joel Westworth on the Street

Sydney-based street photographer Joel Westworth works in camera sales by day and shoots film by night, although clearly he sneaks in some shots during the day. Below, he shares his philosophy on street photography and why he uses a meter.

©2012 Joel Westworth

I love to document what I see—daily life and the human condition. As I was walking through the park I saw this chess game, and I caught the eye of the man rolling a cigarette. I had become part of this scene now, and took the shot. It’s very important for me to be involved in the frames I shoot, rather then being an outsider.

The light in Sydney is always very harsh, strong lines and hard shadows. It always makes it difficult when relying on the meter in your camera, and even harder when your camera does not have one! Using my Sekonic L-308S is much faster. I can meter quickly for the light I’m exposing for and it’s the perfect size to slip into my pocket. I can spend more time framing the shot I want, rather than struggling with an inaccurate camera meter.

©2012 Joel Westworth

When you need to shoot quickly and accurately, use a meter! Take it from a street photographer. See more of Joel’s work on his site, blog, and flickr.


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