Cross-lighting Technique for Performers

In this article by lighting expert Christopher Grey, Chris talks about the peculiar nature of photographing people used to being in the spotlight. He explains in detail how to use cross-lighting effectively with personalities such as celebrities and dancers.

Cross-lighting Techniques for Performers

©Christopher Grey

Cross-lighting is a technique utilizing two strip light softboxes to create an evocative light used over a wide expanse. This is exceptionally useful for photographing performers in action, for instance, but also for a well-contoured portrait. Using his light meter, he explores the concept of “depth of light,” which dictates that two lights placed far enough apart from each other will have an area of even exposure in between them.

It takes a bit of work, but the effect is well worth the effort. Read the full article for complete details, and check out more of Christopher Grey’s work at his site.


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