5 Reasons Why Sekonic L-478 Series Light Meters Aren’t an iPhone Accessory or Light Meter App

touchscreen light meter vs. light meter app

What’s black, shiny, has a touchscreen and isn’t an iPhone®? The new Sekonic L-478 Series of light meters!

We’ve been loving the buzz over the last few days since we released the meter on the 14th. Some of our favorite tech and photo blogs, such as Gizmodo and Petapixel, have written about it, and watching the responses roll in has just been awesome. But there’s just one question that keeps coming up….

Why isn’t the L-478 an iPhone light meter app / accessory?

Lots of reasons!

1. Look and Act Like a Pro
First, and most important, the LITEMASTER PRO L-478 is a tool for photographers and filmmakers. A Swiss Army knife or multitool may get you by when you’re in a tight spot, but you’re not going to see a chef at a 5-star restaurant using one to chop vegetables (or a Sommelier using one to open your wine, for that matter!). Professional photographers and filmmakers rely on professional, dedicated tools.

One of the advantages of using any hand-held meter is they make you look more professional on your shoot. You don’t have to spend time guessing and chimping when you’re confident about your lighting. One comment from a wedding photographer noted pulling out your phone to take a reading might not go over well with clients, who might think you’re texting, playing Angry Birds, or in any way not giving them the full attention for which they hired a pro.

2. We’ll Be in Your Camera Bag for a Long Time, Your Phone Will Not
Another important consideration engineered into this light meter is lifespan. In a couple of years when Apple comes out with a dock connector, new phone, you switch devices, or a new, unforeseen technology is announced, we don’t want your light meter to suddenly become incompatible. We want this to be the meter you depend on, not only for the very near future, but also for the years to come.

On top of that, you can leave your L-478D or L-478DR in your camera bag and know that it will always be where you want it to be when you need it. How many times have you misplaced your phone? Roger that.

3. Gasp! Not Everyone Uses an iPhone!
What if you don’t have an iPhone? According to this Nielson report about half of all mobile phone users in the U.S. own a smartphone: about 32% of those own an iPhone. Looking at our own analytics, we find the number of people who view Sekonic.com using an iPhone vs. an Android device are roughly equal over time. There are many reasons why you might choose one phone over another, but the compatibility of your light meter should not be one of them.

4. Rugged All-in-One Design
An accessory is just that – an add-on for something. Adding photographic hardware to an iPhone – intended for your digital lifestyle, would not be as strong and dependable as having the lumisphere as an intended part of the phone… errrr meter. Also, imagine the stress on accessory hardware when you slip it into and out of your pocket repeatedly.

5. Instantly Accessible Power
Like the handy multitool it is, you use your phone all day long. When its battery finally dies, it can take over an hour to recharge. Are you on location? Don’t worry because your L-478 takes regular AAA batteries. Grab a few from your bag and you’re in business.

Now don’t get us wrong, many of us own and use iPhones. We love them, too! But when it comes to making images and films, having the right tool for the job matters. Plus, having an optional 5-Degree Spot Attachment makes an L-478 Series meter even more useful!

There you have it. The Sekonic LITEMASTER PRO L-478 Series: dedicated, professional, long-lasting. Touch it!

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  1. All good points. Ruggedness is key, as is having a dedicated professional instrument. Let the AWACs (Amateurs With A Camera) use their iP app.

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