Glyn Dewis Joins the Light (Meter) Side

Glyn DewisPhotographer and Photoshop guru Glyn Dewis is known for his complex composite work. He recently co-hosted a workshop in the Netherlands with Frank Doorhof, a photographer and educator, who, along with some lens troubles, convinced him to start using a light meter.

Glyn writes:

“I used to think using [a meter] would slow me down, however it’s done quite the opposite. Setting up lights, getting backgrounds and subject perfectly exposed from the very first shot and leaving me to get on with shooting is taking no time at all. I’ve set up the similar lighting more times than I can remember however by being open to learn I’ve now changed the way I set up, especially in the studio as it now involves the use of my new friend…the Light Meter; a friend who has potentially saved me a lot of time and money….”

Read the post on Glyn’s blog, where you can also learn more about the workshop and get some great advanced Photoshop tips. See his portfolio on 500px.


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2 Responses to Glyn Dewis Joins the Light (Meter) Side

  1. Having attended that workshop hosted by Frank and Glyn I can understand why he was convinced. Frank: “what aperture do you want to shoot? f/8 with a 18% grey background?”. Glyn: “erm.. yes”.

    Frank: “here you go”

  2. Trisha Sue says:

    This “Light Meter” must be very useful and convenient that even Glyn Dewis was convinced that he should use it.

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