Thomas Shue’s Light Meter Tutorials

Thomas Shue BlogThomas Shue is a photographer and lighting instructor whose goal is “make tutorials to teach people how to do things with gear they never know could happen.”

In part 1 of his light meter series, he covers the basics of how to use a meter and identifies how using a meter will make you not only a more efficient photographer, but also a more inventive one. He writes that using a “light meter unlocks the door to innovative thinking and image making,” enabling you to “create images without anything holding you back, except the laws of  physics.”

In part 2, he offers a video in which he demonstrates exactly how a camera measures light. If you’ve ever had any doubts about why you need a hand held light meter, this video will quell them. It’s readily apparent how much quicker and more accurate it is.

Read the tutorials, featuring a Sekonic L-758, on his blog (part 1, part 2) and see more of Thomas’ articles on his blog.


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