Webinar: Creating a Portable Portrait Studio

Live VIDEO Webinar

Creating a safe and professional portable lighting kit can help you capture beautiful portraits in practically any location. For photographers operating from their home and want to expand their business by offering clients on-location or in-home portraits, having an easy-to-use traveling studio helps make this process easy and produces great results.

For the pro who has a studio, creating a portable kit will make location shoots fast, safe, and easy, while protecting expensive studio lights. This can be accomplished with a minimum investment, using much of the equipment pros may already own.

Sponsored by Sekonic, join host Joe Brady as he explores both gear and techniques appropriate for creating headshots, single portraits, and group gatherings. Knowing the equipment available to make this happen enables you to put together an effective traveling Portrait Studio to fit your needs.

After covering the gear available and Joe’s recommendations for safety and efficiency, we’ll explore some light shaping tools and techniques allowing you to create the look you’re after in almost any situation. From dramatic individual portraits to evenly-lit spaces for a larger group, this can all be accomplished with as few as two Speedlights, a handheld light meter, some wireless radio triggers, lightstands, and appropriate light reflectors.

Joe will take questions on set and create demonstrations live based on your requests. This will be an hour well-spent for anyone who wants to improve their portrait results, so be sure to join us for this live video broadcast.

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