Christopher Grey: Telephoto in the Studio

Christopher Grey: Telephoto in the Studio

© 2012 Christopher Grey

You may have heard about a number of “rules” regarding what lenses are “right” for portraiture. “Hooey!” writes lighting expert Christopher Grey. “Use whatever you think is best for the job.”

One challenge you may run into while working in the studio, is the inability to get the background to be soft. Most strobes are so high-powered even on their lowest power settings you may not be able to set a wide enough aperture to soften the background. Here, Chris jumps in with a number of techniques you can use to achieve this effect by using a longer lens to adding neutral density gels to your lights or lenses.

Softening the background is a great way to make your subject pop and remove any distracting details from the shot. Read the full article for more detail. Learn more about Christopher Grey at his site.


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