VIDEO: B&H presents the L-478DR

Larry Becker of presents the “state-of-the-art” Sekonic L-478DR in this video from B&H.

Larry starts off by saying, “there are a number of great reasons people use light meters for photography and cinematography and the Sekonic L-478DR delivers features that meet those needs better than any other light meter on the market today.”

He then gives an overview of some of his favorite features like the touchscreen display, built-in radio, and the ability to set custom filter packs. His concluding statement really says it all:

“If you’ve ever sat down at a computer after a location shoot, only to find that the lcd lied to you and all your exposures are off, you’ll realize that a small investment in a first-rate meter is worth every penny. The Sekonic Litemaster Pro L-478DR is a beautiful, small, programmable, top-of-the-line light meter that can help you set-up your lights quickly and accurately, blend your exposure with ambient light with the ratios you want, and rest easy knowing that the shot you think you took is the one you see when everything is said and done.”

Watch the video above and see more details (including customer reviews) on B&H.


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  1. Rick Urbanowski says:

    I’m using a Sekonic L-478DR and 4 Einsteins/I can only get 3 channels, A,B and C.
    I’m able to set the Sekonic up for A,B,C and D but the flashes only go up to A,B,C.
    Any advice?

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