L-758DR and DTS V3.0 Review in Professional Photography Magazine

L-758DR review


Professional Photography Magazine has published an in-depth review of the Sekonic L-758DR and DTS V3.0 in their October issue.

The review is focused on capturing the optimum exposure, an exposure in which “all the scene’s exposure values are within the range of your camera’s sensor.” This is something you might capture by chance using your camera’s meter and histogram, but in order to know for sure, you’ll need to be fully aware of your camera’s dynamic range. For that, you’ll need Sekonic’s DTS software.

Author, Stan Sholik, walks you through the calibration and testing process and concludes:

“Can a light meter make you a better photographer? If your meter is a Sekonic L-758DR and you use the free Digital Transfer Software (DTS) V3.0 calibration program, the answer is yes.”

Read the full review on ppmag.com (PDF download) or view their current issue.


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