Bryan Gateb’s L-478DR Review

L-478 review

Bryan Gateb, a California-based photographer specializing in glamour photography, just got the L-478DR and has the review to prove it.

Looking to upgrade his L-358, Bryan was most interested in the L-478DR’s built in ControlTL transmitter, remote power control of strobes, and cine features. Bryan then compares his new meter to his old one so if you’re a L-358 owner, this is the review for you.

He was hesitant about the touch screen (and who could blame him? After all, it’s the first meter of its kind!), but “after a few days of fiddling,” he writes, “I can say they’ve achieved their goal in making the meter much more intuitive and easier to use.”

One thing we’ve heard over and over is the new interface has been enabling people to use more advanced features much more intuitively and efficiently. For Bryan, the touchscreen helped him with zone control, allowing him to reliably trigger up to four zones of flashes. It also allowed him to control the modeling lights of his Einsteins remotely.

Read the full review on Bryan’s blog for more details. See his portfolio and connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.


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