Anthony Quesada Reviews the L-478DR

Anthony Quesada L-478 review

We designed our new touchscreen light meter, the Sekonic L-478, to be comparable to the L-358 but, as it turns out, it fares pretty well when compared to the L-758 as well.

Anthony Quesada had been carrying around his L-758, but found he wasn’t taking advantage of its more advanced features. With this type of use, it seemed to only take up space in his bag. Looking to downsize and economize, he took a chance on the new L-478DR.

With the touchscreen interface, Anthony found himself using features he had ignored on the L-758, simply because the menu is so much more intuitive. Filter compensation “is only a few touches away” and “switching between [custom] profiles… is far simpler.”

In addition, size was no longer an issue. “This thing,” he writes, “fits easily in a slim fitting pocket which means I’ll be much more likely to use it. We all know what that means… more time on a mountain bike and less time in front of my computer adjusting my exposures.”

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