Ryan E. Walters on Metering for Digital Filmmaking

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Creative people new to digital filmmakers often ask themselves the following two questions. “Do you really need a light meter?” and “What’s the point now that we have digital technology?”

If you’ve asked these questions, lighting guru and cinematographer Ryan E. Walters is here with the answers.

Far from an optional accessory, Ryan believes the light meter is “a critical tool to use with digital cinema camera.” Why? Power, efficiency, and knowledge.

He writes, “For me, the point of using a meter in the digital age is to take my lighting skills and knowledge to the next level. Lighting off of the monitor, via the histogram or waveform, does not offer me the same power, efficiencies, or knowledge I get from using a meter. You can light using those other tools, and many people take this approach. But for my style of working, those tools do not offer the same benefits that my meter gives me.”

Ryan uses and recommends the L-758Cine and L-478D with Spot Meter Attachment.

Read more on his blog, Lighting Academy, and check out his work at rynaewalters.com.


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