Webinar: Lighting for Composite Portraits

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Green Screen Your Subject in Any Environment!
Wouldn’t it be nice to offer to shoot your clients anywhere in the world? A young athlete in a professional stadium filled with fans, a performer on stage with a black-tie audience? Perhaps a travel shot with your client in a South Pacific island, or a science fiction fan on the bridge of a starship? If you’re not familiar with green screen portraits and compositing, take a look at the incredible photography of people like Joel Grimes and Paul Aresu to see this taken to the ultimate level.

Join host Joe Brady as he explores and demonstrates the gear and workflow to produce professional results. Learn how to use a green screen with lights and metering the whole set to produce studio portraits which seamlessly and invisibly merge with backgrounds you choose.

You’ve all seen cheesy portraits with terrible, unbelievable backgrounds where the subject looks cut out and pasted into the scene. Offer your clients something both beautiful and different at a professional level. Visit with us as we explore the techniques to get you started on the path to producing incredible results.

To attend this free educational event from the comfort of your computer or tablet, visit this page on 19 December 2012, at the appropriate time.

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