Calumet USA’s Holiday Gift Guide

Calumet Photo has put together a beautifully-designed holiday gift guide of a few of their favorite photographic products for their customers in the USA.

They recommend cameras and accessories across a number of brands and price ranges, from stocking stuffers to $1,000 plus (“for those who have been really good”).

Over on page 16, you’ll find the Sekonic L-478D and L-478DR, “the world’s first touch-screen-operated light meters!”

Flip through the guide above for more ideas and head over to Calumet to start shopping.


The guide and quotes in this post are used with permission and ©Calumet Photo, all rights reserved; story is ©Sekonic. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or re-post elsewhere without written permission.

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