VIDEO: Using the L-478 for Filmmaking

Stillmotion, a California-based band of photographers and filmmakers, created this video, demonstrating how to use a light meter for filmmaking.

Understanding “working with light and using it effectively is often one of the most challenging parts of the process,” Stillmotion shares how we “can use a light meter to take this complex facet of filmmaking, lighting, and make it much more approachable.”

Starting with the basics: the units of light a light meter measures, they go on to working with lighting ratios and how a light meter—in this case the Sekonic L-758Cine—can help you objectively assess a scene.

Stillmotion then approachs more advanced metering techniques using the L-478D. They demonstrate how to get consistency across shoots by storing readings in your meter and letting it calculate the change in exposure value for you. They also highlight the importance of creating a custom profile for your camera using Sekonic’s data transfer software, which allows you to get ”absolutely perfect readings for your camera’s sensor every time.”

See more of Stillmotion’s fabulous work at their site.


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