Tal Lazar on using Sekonic’s DTS for Cinematography

tal lazar interview


In this interview, published by Mac-On-Campus, Aimee Baldridge interviews cinematographer and educator Tal Lazar about the role of metering in filmmaking.

When asked what he learned about the DTS program when he first tested it, he replies:

“I’ve used the L-758Cine light meter with the F65 and the profile created by the program on a short scene we shot in class, and I was very confident using the light meter and not relying on other tools, like a waveform monitor. In a way, we’re going back to the discipline of using a light meter and standing on set and not in front of a monitor. Every cinematographer has their own way of working, but for me it was very relaxing. I was very happy to just be on set with my light meter and know exactly the ability of the camera and what the exposure is when I press the button.”

Read the full interview on MAC-On-Campus. See Tal Lazar’s work on his site.

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