VIDEO: Ryan E. Walters on set with the L-478

Cinematographer Ryan E. Walters is serious about light. We’ve previously posted about his excellent instructional videos, custom camera profiles, and philosophy behind metering.

He says, “as a cinematographer, one of my key roles is to shape and control light in service to the story I’m telling.” The Sekonic L-478, he goes on to say, “gives me the control and flexibility I need to meet all the challenges I face… allowing me to work a lot quicker and have a lot more confidence on set.”

He’s most excited about the L-478’s ability to create and store custom camera system profiles. He can simply choose the camera he will be working with and get accurate readings specific to that camera. He also likes being able to create and store custom filter packs so he doesn’t have to worry about doing the math on set.

His meter, he says, is the tool that allows him to “deliver predictable, consistent results…on schedule.”

Watch the video above and see the post on his blog.


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