Larry McNeil on the Great Photo Gear Debate

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It’s that age-old photography debate: is it the gear that makes a better photo, the skills of the photographer, or, more likely, a combination of both?

Photographer Larry McNeil offers his thoughts on the “better gear” versus “better photographer” debate with none of the usual ranting. Of course, since his “fancy pants camera includes a cosmic antenna that transmits pleas directly to the photo gods”, he’s exempt from ever needing to buy new gear.

However, when it comes to the “piece of gear… that is guaranteed to unequivocally and decisively make your photographs better,” it’s the “humble, yet sophisticated external hand light meter.” This, he writes, is “what separates the photographers from the wannabes.” He personally likes our red, limited edition L-308S.

Commune with the photo gods! Read the post. See his photography on his site.


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