Christopher Grey: High-Key Lighting

© 2012 Christopher Grey

© 2012 Christopher Grey

High-key lighting is a lighting style that creates an image where the majority of the tones are above the middle grey. It’s bright, it’s pop-y, and next time someone asks you for high-key lighting, you’ll know exactly how to get it.

In this how-to by lighting expert Christopher Grey, he’ll show you how to achieve a high-key lighting style using a variety of different lighting setups and using modifiers such as umbrellas, softboxes, and bookends.

“The important factor in creating high-key imagery—or any imagery,” he writes, “is confident control over your lighting. If you know your meter is right on the money, you can set and power your lights exactly how you want them. Your camera will then do its job correctly.”

Click here to learn how it’s done and see more articles in the Sekonic classroom.


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