4 Lights, 4 Colored Gels, 1 Sparkler, and 1 Light Meter

Aaron Nace of Phlearn, presents this behind the scenes video of his shoot, Light My Fire.

Since this is a complicated shoot in terms of lighting, he builds his setup one light at a time. He starts with a red-gelled stripbox camera left, then adds a blue-gelled medium softbox to the right. After that, it’s a gridded beauty dish gelled CTO behind the model. Finally, he adds a gridded reflector gelled cyan and aimed at the model’s face. Then, of course, there’s the sparkler.

That’s a lot of lights and a lot of gels. To make sure everything’s balanced and right where he wants it to be, Aaron uses a Sekonic L-758DR.

Watch the video above to see the whole thing come together and see more videos and tutorials on Phlearn.


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