Eduardo Angel at Gulf Photo Plus 2013


Photographer and photography educator Eduardo Angel will be joining Bobbi Lane, David Hobby, Gregory Heisler, and other instructors for an incredible week in Dubai at the Gulf Photo Plus 2013. The workshops are aimed to improve skills, inspire, and educate photographers at every level of expertise.

Eduardo Angel will present two 90-minute “Photo Friday” sessions, and a three day workshop called “Digital Filmmaking For Photographers.” He will discuss the theory behind the technique, as well as essential equipment, and processes. The class is definitely hands-on, with students working as a small film crew to shoot a Capoeira team.

Angel will use his Sekonic L-308DC DigiCineMate to demonstrate why using a meter becomes paramount when one has to tear down and reproduce the same look at a different time or shoot, or when shooting on location with multiple cameras.

David Hobby of “Strobist” blog said, “I happen to think this is the best photo week of its kind on the planet. If you are anywhere near that part of the world, GPP is a no-brainer. But even if you are far away, it’s worth the trip.”

More details about the events, including this short video, can be found at Angel’s site.

Angel provided the following statement on why he teaches light metering in his workshops:

Creating an effective lighting setup can be achieved by simply observing and making adjustments. If nothing changes and everything can be accomplished in one shoot, one can probably get away with this method. It is when one has to tear down and reproduce the same look day after day, that using a Lightmeter becomes paramount. The same applies when shooting on location with multiple cameras. Another fascinating topic is how the quality and intensity of light can change the mood of scene. Light is one of the most important elements in cinema, and Sekonic provides the best tools to enhance the way we tell our stories.



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