No-Tolerance Photo Advice from Wootness

Christine Walsh-Newton is a portrait photographer based in Ohio whose blog Wootness: The Big Girl’s and Guy’s Guide to Starting a Photography Business offers frank, direct (or brutal, some might say) advice on all aspects of running your own photography business.

As part of her “But, Seriously” series, Christine writes, “But, Seriously: Just buy a light meter, will ya?”

She notes when teaching she has a no-tolerance policy on light meters for her mentees saying, “I don’t have tolerance for deviation from the ownership of a light meter. If you want to set up studio lights and keep fiddling with them until it looks right on the back of your camera, you go right ahead. Just don’t ask me for help.”

Right on, Christine. How else are you going to learn lighting ratios?

Read the full article on Wootness and check out her photography on her site.


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