Mastering Exposure for Landscape Photography


Landscapes with a wide contrast range can present great challenges to any photographer trying to create the best digital image file. If you expose for the foreground, you risk clipping the highlights in the image – if you expose for the highlights the preview on your camera’s LCD makes the entire scene look dark and in deep shadow. If you can’t completely trust the preview or the histogram, what can you do?

Join host Joe Brady for this live video presentation sponsored by Sekonic and learn how to use spot metering to capture the best possible digital file for your landscape images. Then Joe will show you how just 30 seconds in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw can transform these files into stunning images.

If you’re serious about Landscape Photography and want to learn how to get the best possible digital file, don’t miss this free Webinar!

This Webinar has been archived and is available for viewing.

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  1. brion says:

    Joe I bought a color checker passport like I saw you working with. It was supposed to be a LR plugin but didn’t work…… I contacted them and they answered like 2 weeks later with a long complicated fix of THEIR BUG on my computer. I really felt they should have sent me a new disk to replace the defective disk. I think this is bad business and won’t upgrade my products with them. What do you think as you recommended this product to me.

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