Claudio Basso’s White Background Metering

Regular visitors to the Sekonic site may have seen this article by Claudio Basso. If you haven’t, it’s definitely worth checking out this blast from the past.

Even if you’ve read it previously, it’ll be a great refresher for the next time you’re staring at that big white cyc and starting to sweat about your exposure settings. He lists eleven steps to follow, followed by five important points you should watch for to ensure perfect results. There’s also a lighting diagram included.

©Claudio Basso

©Claudio Basso

We’ve seen a lot of mistakes made shooting against white backgrounds, particularly by photographers and videographers who have never done this before. Basso’s steps outlined here will help eliminate guesswork and save you a lot of time and money in the studio by utilizing some simple metering. A meter can easily pay for itself during the first semi-pro or professional shoot you use it on. As Basso writes, “be precise with your light readings. You need to control your lights!”

Born in Paris and now located in Connecticut, Basso is accomplished across a wide range of photographic subjects, most notably fashion and portraiture. Be sure to check out his work at his site and, where you can find a blog and workshop information.


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