William Brinson’s Natural Luxury Video

The old cliché for writers is “write what you know.” If that translates to the world of photography, there may be no better example than William Brinson (previously profiled on our blog back in 2011), who is as great a chef as he is food photographer. Today, we are proud to present two new videos about the artist and his process.

brinson-video-01In the first video, On Light Metering and Food Photography, Brinson explains how he uses the spot meter in his Sekonic L-758DR. He demonstrates how he measures and adjusts lighting to achieve exposures so his clients know exactly what they’re getting, with little to no postproduction necessary. Not only does this practice assist Brinson’s extraordinary vision, but it keeps his clients returning. It also prevents him from spending hours in Photoshop or Lightroom because he did his job while the shooting was going on.


Since that time, Brinson has continued to focus his New York-based practice of stunning food photography from his own studio in Manhattan. the second video, Defining “Natural Luxury” by Controlling Light covers how Brinson can dial-in a client’s request to not only evoke an incredibly-specific setting—say, seafood on the back porch of a Chesapeake Bay home, late-August, slightly overcast at 5:30 PM—but also the emotions grounded in the memory of such a setting. He terms his aesthetic “natural luxury,” and provides examples in the film.

Working with his wife Susan, who is a designer and formidable pastry chef in her own right, Brinson services clients such as Martha Stewart Living, Random House, Ravenswood Wine, Architectural Digest, Food & Wine, and The New York Times Magazine.

See both videos on our special feature page. William Brinson’s photography can be seen at his site. Susan Brinson’s design work and more can be seen at Studio Brinson. Together they run the House of Brinson blog.


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