Settling for a Mediocre Image?


C.S. Muncy is back in our series from! In this article he addresses one fundamental way to use a handheld meter – Ambient Light Metering.

Find yourself lost in diffused light struggling to find the right exposure? Muncy suggests measuring ambient light with the Sekonic L-478DR LiteMaster Pro. He contrasts the difference between the uses of light measurement when shooting with film versus digital. Either way, he stresses the importance of multiple and accurate readings for the most precise exposure. Check out this article to see special highlights and tips when shooting in black and white on overcast days!

Here’s a sneak peak into what Muncy suggests: “…measuring the light falling on the subject rather than being reflected from it.” He offers a step-by-step tutorial to get the perfect measurement assuring a not-so-mediocre image.

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