Thinking Outside Your Camera with C.S. Muncy

Photojournalist C.S. Muncy (via and Sekonic have paired up to show how and why using a handheld meter is critical to the quality of images. In Muncy’s earlier years as a photographer, he was settling for an in-camera meter and images that “…were acceptable if sometimes uneven.” Now he understands the importance of an exposure reading when shooting both film and digital.

Concerned about something else taking up more room in your bag? Fear not – our light meters weigh only ounces. For those antique camera lovers, Muncy also shares that passion. He’ll use his (discontinued) Sekonic L-328 Digilite to “grab a quick exposure reading” to ensure the best quality of those images. When shooting in a studio, he finds efficiency in the convenience of wireless features and accurate readings. Stay tuned for more in this series with on handheld meters.

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