Webinar: Tools & Techniques for Photographing the Passage of Time


Webinar: Tools & Techniques for Photographing the Passage of Time
Original Air Date: Tuesday, October 22
Time: 1pm EDT
Presenter: Joe Brady

Photography is magical. You can use your camera to capture a fleeting moment and a passage of time in a single photograph.

In this free webinar, sponsored by Sekonic, Joe Brady will show you how to produce powerful and captivating images that combine flowing motion and amazing detail in outdoor scenic shots that include water. Then he will bring his camera into town to record locations over minutes to demonstrate how the flow of action creates results that are both telling and eerie.

Joe will be using the Sekonic L-758DR light meter to show you how easy it is to get the perfect exposure information to make your flowing landscape – even when the exposure runs into seconds and even minutes to get the look you want.

Key tools for long exposures include neutral density filters and sturdy tripods. Joe will show how to use them and introduce you to some of his favorite support systems from both Benro and Induro to ensure that the static parts of the scene remain tack sharp.

The images created are fun and exciting, so watch it on demand for this informative and inspiring session.

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